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as a Distributor...

represents over 20 brands of electronic components, communications and industrial devices, including wireless local loop equipment.


Since 1984, BBSE now operates 11 centres across 8 countries to reach researchers, designers and manufacturers of hi-tech equipment.



as a Facilitator...

streamlines buying processes with kitting services best suited to any business or manufacturing environment.  No material procurement list is too small or too big, too fragmented or too complicated, including one-to-one electronic data interchange (EDI) on stocking programmes such as VMI, JIT, SOI and more.


Experience gained and knowledge exchanged from being a facilitator between suppliers and customers, is channelled back to the manufacturers - components to equipment, as technical support and solutions – acting as their advisor for the maintenance, management, design and operation of the next generation devices.


Field application teams to keep a continuous exchange of application information from these emerging markets. Manufacturers leveraging on this available

intelligence benefit from the tried and tested strategies.



as your Partner...

connects you across diversity and addresses differences across markets and people.


BBS Electronics headquartered in global ready Singapore, is the platform for any supplier or customer looking for greater collaboration beyond short-term goals, but a reliable and trusted long-term partner.



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